The floriculture Bariani Agostino becomes the name not of a garden, but of many, because there are many ideas and projects that underlie the realization of the green at Bressana Bottarone: The design of gardens in the house, outside or on the balcony, in the spaces Public, in the parks. It is the style of our reality in the choice of essences, in the experience of the green architectures, in the art of creating an enchanted space of which the floriculture Bariani Agostino from 1984 becomes firma D’autore.

It is shape and size:
Each plant species is characterized, in its own DNA, by a certain form of breeding which, with the intervention of the man, through the light requests, obtain and Amplificano forms and volumes of a certain consistency to the advantage of the speed of growth of the plant.

It is the greatest representation of creativity, the garden design is the development of ideas for the one who builds and realizes it and a real identity card representing the one who receives it in charge.

The garden is the expression of the shapes, the colors, the perfumes, all the arboreal essences in general that is completed in an extraordinary alchemy of nature.
The garden is the combination of the materials that must not be reserved exclusively to the plants but to all the complements that are part of it; The wood, the stone, the water; This is the true design gardens Bressana Bottarone.
The garden is a live, dynamic evolving element that develops day by day and changes over the course of the seasons and it is therefore important that a proper maintenance schedule is delivered after the installation.
We know very well that for unpreparedness, inability, culture, inexperience, the garden represents a difficilissimo something to manage, if you think of the normal cuts of turf, fertilizations, fitosanitarie defenses, plants, Tree essences, regular bushes, hedges, plant pruning and much more.
For this reason, the setting of the garden design, and especially the choice of species, varieties and forms becomes an important element because only with the right solutions of experts like us, we can considerably lighten the Efforts, also economical, to get a maintenance almost reduced to zero of any entity of Superficie. For the design of gardens at Bressana Bottarone, please contact us at floriculture Bariani Agostino.

Projects designed:

Design designed and created by hand to enhance the aesthetic characteristics


A totally new way to design that makes the projects real and unique in their kind.

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